Our Story

From a search for belonging to building a brand, this is the story of Morena™ Girl.

“We were looking to be a source of pride for all MORENAs.”

When we first started looking at creating a brand we were looking to be a source of pride for all MORENAs. Something that says that “I am proud to be who I am and how I look”.

We’ve all heard it from ads, TV, social media, our friends and even our family that MORENA isn’t how we are “supposed” to look like. We are somehow supposed to aspire to some different beauty standard than what we are.

The thing is, most of us like our skin tone. Love it even. We also love to spend time outside and enjoy all the natural beauty around us. Any why shouldn’t we? 


The Vision

So we started to build a brand that was not only built for MORENAs, but also featured real MORENAs that look like us. We want to showcase real customers from all over to celebrate our wonderful Morena Skin. This is the reason we started Morena Girl. To be a source of pride, to shout to the mountains that you’re proud to be MORENA!

We hope you’ll join us!


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